luni, 5 decembrie 2011

FIS: weekend magic pentru Lindsey Vonn in Lake Louise, Canada

Zi perfecta ieri la Lake Louise, Canada, unde a avut loc proba de Super G, fete. Pentru Lindsey Vonn a fost o zi magica, fiind a doua oara in cariera schioarei cand a reusit sa castige trei probe in tot atatea zile, dovedind o forma de zile mari. Lindsey declara (am lasat special in engleza ca sa simtiti mai bine vorbele schioarei) “I couldn’t be happier, I didn’t really expecting while coming here. It was a tough week and this is exactly what I needed. A hat-trick is a rare thing to do, I felt like I skied better the previous days but a win is a win. I didn’t feel all that strong on top, but really attacked at the bottom and ended up having an amazing day. At this time, having the support of Maria (Hoefl- Riesch) and having my sister Karin fly in for the weekend was really helpful. Skiing is my best therapy, I love to ski fast, it’s what puts a smile on my face”

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